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What I Write About When I Have Nothing to Write About

Randomness: A tool that looked interesting: REVEAL.

30 day free trial; this tool will make reviewing complex views much simpler!

Chaos: A way to use UIActivityIndicators with AFNetworking.

#import "UIActivityIndicatorView+AFNetworking.h"

[self.activityIndicator setAnimatingWithStateOfTask:task];

This automates the use of the activity indicator to start and stop as needed, instead of keeping a count of the number of operations that are downloading/uploading data!

Entropy: How to show a photo in Octopress that you have on your local machine:

1) First, put it into /source/images within the Octopress folder.

2) Use a PNG (maybe you can use other formats, but PNG should definitely work.)

3) Use classic HTML, ignore the format shown on the Octopress website!

<img src="/images/[Name of file]" />